June 13, 2002

More on Dustyscript...

I am pleased to announce the 0.98.0 release of Dustyscript

June 05, 2002

On Dustyscript...

Still my current obsession

Dustyscript was progressing along at a rapid pace, and should still do so up until the 1.0 Release Candidate release. My hopes are that this release can be achieved sometime in the first week of July, or at the latest the second week. It would allow for some major stress-testing and bugfixing, and allow me to perhaps release version 1.0 stable on the anniversary of the project's inception...

I have been very intrigued by some of the criticisms of the project... and one or two of them made me think long and hard ...

After searching the soul, I decided that I would, of course, proceed with the project to its 1.0 release, and use it to educate my son in the mystical arts of computer programming. The reason why I embarked on this project to begin with was that I feel that gradually, as GUI-code-generating-abominations are spreading, more and more 'programmers' don't actually know how to program. I felt that, with some simpler syntax, and my flair for the art, a child could embark upon initiation into this "priesthood" of programmers, at the age of 8 or 9 (or earlier??)... And so, Dustyscript, named after my son, was born...

A year later, I can say for sure that I have learned as much from this as I hope he does, and it has been a blast :-)~

Today is a new day, after all..

I've been in a funk for awhile now, spinning my wheels and seeming to get nowhere... but today I feel better.
Not alot better, but better :-)~

June 04, 2002

Testing the waters..

I am trying, now, to publish another blog, for today..

Again... the 3 month hiatus is since March...is that three months?